You know how much your customers spend with you. We let you know when, where and how much they spend elsewhere.

Are you targeting the right customer?

Define your target audience and minimize loss of marketing dollars.

Understand where consumers buy, when they buy, how much they spend and reach them directly through Rebatus ads.

Is your business growing as fast as your competition?

Compare in real-time who is winning or losing market share.

Identify which merchants are doing a better job at retaining their customers.

Measure customer overlap between merchants and how cross-shoppers behave differently compared to single channel buyers

What are the emerging consumer trends?

Identify the percentage of sales conducted in-store vs. online for a specific merchant or brand.

Understand how consumer mobility trends are changing and what is their preferred method of transportation.

Which age group is spending the most? Where are they banking?

Do your Ads reach the right audience?

Every consumer linked to Rebatus is verified.

Filter from Rebatus dashboard the consumers you want to reach, set your campaign and push it live in few steps.

This way you understand the purchase history of your audience and make sure they are relevant to your brand & industry.

Your growth efforts won't be worth it if you are not reaching the right customer.